Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cafe Gratitude- Berkeley

What are you grateful for? It read at the bottom of my tea cup as I took a sip of my blueberry rooibos tea. I'm grateful the opportunity to eat at the raw, vegan,alternative Cafe Gratitude.

The atmosphere is "chill" and relaxed with a hippy and radical vibe. I sat at a communal table wit a few locals who engaged in simple conversation as they peacefully sipped their raw brewed cup of joe. All set with a robust raw-foods menu and my hemp napkin I was ready to enjoy myself and the experience of Cafe Gratitude.

The specials of the day included: "I am festive," a raw dehydrated spinach enchilada with a cashew pate, "I am Blissful," a stuffed "tuna" avocado and a side salad, and a multitude of other positively named foods. It took me and my friends some time choose which item to feast upon for lunch. I went with the stuffed avocado, my one friend went with the "I am Cheerful" raw burger, and my other friend went with the "I am Graceful" Indian curry with red rice.

The service was quick and efficient and we were soon munching on our raw delights like three plump rabbits...or at least, that's how we felt as we chewed on the clover and sunflower sprouts that adorned the tops of our salads. The stuffed avocado was delicious and pungent with an actual "tune" flavor. The "I am Graceful" had a spicy kick and was the most filling of the three meals. The raw "burger" was small in proportion but surprisingly filling.

We splurged on dessert, and this is truly where Cafe Gratitude shines. We ordered the special of the day a chocolate mocha layer cake and a slice of the key lime pie. All raw. No cooking. And absolutely amazing! By the end of our excursion we had racked-up quite a bill, however it was worth every penny. The experience alone is part of the fun. At the end of our meal our server asked us the question of the day, "What are you blissful for?" and my answer? I am blissful for my full belly and the time well spent with friends.

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